October 23, 2017

7321 N 10th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Sunday Worship


9:00 am


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11:30 am


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Orangewood Presbyterian Church - FaithStreet

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We strive to be a river of God's love flowing into our communities. We hope you will join us for service on Sunday to experience for yourself the fellowship of Christ and his people. 





Meet Our Pastors

Ken and Tully are our pastoral leaders.  Both are excellent preachers and teachers, and are able to bring God's love into homes, hospital rooms, and youth group prayer circles -- and they make us laugh!



Look at Our Photos

Come see a slideshow of our wonderful community, and get a glimpse of some of the many activities that take place at OPC.




Sunday, June 04             Evangelism.  Evangelism?   Evangelism!

Sunday, June 11             What Is Justice? (Amos 5:18-24)

Sunday, June 18             Baptism: Infants or Adults

Sunday, June 25             Judgment vs. Being Judgmental

Sunday, July 02              Paul's Letter to the Americans

Sunday, July 09              Giving to God -- Tithes

Sunday, July 16              Created in God's image, what does that mean?

Sunday, July 23              We know there is a race problem at OPC, what can we do?

Sunday, July 30              Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Sunday, August 06         How to respond to all the hateful things said in the name of Christianity?

Sunday, August 13         Does God Have A Plan For My Life?

Sunday, August 20         Do Presbyterians have non-negotiables in our Theology?

Sunday, August 27         Blood in the Bible