February 22, 2019

7321 N 10th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85020

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About Our Church

Who We Are

Orangewood Presbyterian Church is a congregation that gathers to worship God and grow in discipleship, and then flows out into our community with God's love.  Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA we are joined with Christians all over the world in the One Body of Christ.

Our mission statement is:  Orangewood Presbyterian Church is a river of God's love flowing into the dry places of our community.  Click here to learn more about our mission statement.


We believe in God made known to us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By God's grace we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ.  Click here to learn more about The Presbyterian Church OR  What Presbyterians Believe.


Orangewood is strongly committed to mission with the poor, hungry, abused, and homeless here in Phoenix and around the world. There are many opportunities for hands on mission, and almost all of our members who are able are involved. Hands-on mission opportunities include:

  • Working in a food bank
  • Making dinner in a homeless shelter
  • Building a house in Mexico
  • A yearly mission trip to Honduras
  • Making quilts
  • and more!

Click here to learn more about Orangewood's Outreach in Mission.


Click here to meet our Pastors.


Click here to meet the rest of our Staff.


We are also known for our music. Our Rieger-Kloss pipe organ is a stunning instrument which can swell to make us rise from our seats in praise, or soften to a breathy flute to lead us in quiet contemplation. Our choir leads us in worship every week. While excellent in their musical ability, the choir also succeeds at  welcoming to those who "just like to sing." Our acoustically live sanctuary plays host to a monthly Arts Alive Series which includes music as diverse as a classical quartet, Spanish guitar, The Phoenix Children's Chorus, and a cowboy concert in celebration of Arizona's Centennial.


Our 9 am Sunday Service is led by our contemporary band. Many of our worshipers have found that worship can have a style as new as their favorite radio station. A particular highlight, many of our folk hang around to listen to the band "jam" when the service is over.