July 24, 2017

7321 N 10th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85020

Sunday Worship


9:00 am


10:30 am


10:30 am


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Sunday Worship


Contemporary Service - Sunday 9 amband small

With classic elements of Scripture, prayers and a message, this service is led by a rock band. You may not know the songs when you first start coming, but part of the vibe is that you are welcome to sit and listen. Start singing when you catch on. This is God's timeless love in a style as fresh as your favorite radio station.




 Traditional Service - Sunday 10:30 am

This is a classic Presbyterian service with music led by a stirring choir and an excellent  pipe organ. Orangewood is still fairly informal. There is rarely a tie in our sanctuary, and the people love to catch up with each other during the passing of the peace. Our sanctuary is in the round, as a symbol of God's family gathering around God's table.



Orangewood African FellowshipDancer Small

   Sunday 10:30 am

Orangewood's African Fellowship is a worshipping, serving, and caring community of recent African Immigrants, mostly from Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Many members of our African fellowship are full members of Orangewood PC and several serve in leadership.  Worship is conducted in multiple languages to meet the needs of participants.  The African Fellowship is led by Pastor Venant Vyamungu and Pastor Filipe Basi.  


 Church School and Nursery Available During All Services

Click here to learn more about our Children's Ministries.