Introduction and Welcome

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What is Fellowship Road? 

Three congregations share the campus at 7321 North 10th street: the original Orangewood Presbyterian Church congregation (OPC), the Orangewood African Fellowship (OAF), and the Nile Community Church of Arizona (NCCA). Some members of the OAF and NCCA are also members of the original Orangewood Presbyterian Church. Both the OAF and the NCCA are within the care of OPC - the OAF as a related congregation and the NCCA as a new worshiping community of the Presbytery of Grand Canyon. As we share the campus, we recognize the need for increasing our communications and deepening our relationships. These needs gave rise to Fellowship Road.

Fellowship Road (in Swahili Barabara ya Ushirika) is a path each person can travel to build understanding and relationships among members of the legacy Orangewood Presbyterian congregation (OPC), members of the Orangewood African Fellowship (OAF) and members of the Nile Community Church of Arizona (NCCA)

During our walk on Fellowship Road, we will learn more about each other – our cultures, our individual stories, our gifts and our challenges. Along the road we can find many kinds of information as well as opportunities for in-person interaction. Our information exchanges will cover a wide variety of areas, including geography, history, people, language, music and dance, food, and worship styles. Fellowship Road will be very much a “two-way street” with exchanges flowing back and forth among the congregations. Although some events are envisioned to include large numbers, Fellowship Road decidedly encourages individuals to build their own journeys by seeking out information and interacting with others in small ways. Most importantly, we recognize that this will be a never-ending journey that will evolve and change as God leads us.

So put on your travel gear, whatever that may be. The invitation goes out to everyone to join the journey. Welcome to the road! 

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