Covid19 Update

Sisters and brothers in Christ;

By vote of the Session, Orangewood Presbyterian Church will be going online until authorities tell us that in-person meetings are safe again. The Center for Disease Control, the Whitehouse and the Arizona State Government have all recommended “no gatherings of 10 people or more.” All face to face gatherings at OPC are canceled until further notice. We are doing this as a means of loving each other and of keeping each other alive.

Morning worship will be posted each day on Facebook.  This will be a simple post of Scriptures and a prayer.

Evening worship will be “live” every evening on Facebook at 7 pm. You can also participate in that worship later – the video will be posted for access anytime, and you can still interact through the comments. Last night’s evening prayer had 12 live worshippers and has now been viewed 258 times!

Sunday Morning worship will also be “live” on Facebook at 10:30 am and will also be viewable later at your leisure on Facebook or on the website.

This is all new for your staff as well as for you, so thank you for being understanding. We will work out the glitches and it will get better.

I realize that this is especially difficult for those of you who are not able to access the online worship. If you have a computer, but are simply reluctant, take the leap! Facebook doesn’t bite! You can limit your friends, or simply “like” Orangewood Presbyterian Church and nothing else. If you have a computer, but the technical challenge of getting on Facebook is too much for you, ask a neighbor, recruit a teenager or call me (Ken) I’ll talk you through it. 

If you are not online at all, please know that we have instituted a process to call our members regularly. Your deacons and elders and pastor will be calling you to chat and to pray. We invite you to join us in this ministry. Please call the people that you know and stay in touch, offer to pray and just be social. We have to keep social distance, but technology, including the plain old telephone are incredible blessings to us in this time.

The people of God have been through many challenges before. GOD IS WITH US! We should recall God’s goodness in the past and trust for God’s providence here and now. Please know that I am in prayer for you.

Call me!

Romans 8:28 In all things God is working for good for those who love the Lord, who are called according to His purpose.


Ken Page