Videos of Interest About Africa

List of Videos

·      Refugee Camps in Tanzania:

·      Two documentaries about the struggle to protect the Virunga National Park in the Congo. Both are available on Netflix.

o (Full length movie, released in 2014)

o  Virunga, Gorillas in Peril (30-minute version of the making of the Virunga movie, released in 2015)

·      For interesting descriptions and introductions to the tribes of the Great Lakes Region, go to the Apple Podcasts titled “Tribes of Africa” There are individual podcasts for the Tutsi, Twa and Hutu tribes.


o  The Abatutsi of the Great Lakes Region:

o  The Twa:

o  Abahutu of the Bantu Ethnic Group:

·      A very interesting video about the history of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes in Rwanda – shedding light on the origins of civil war there – can be viewed at .

 ·       The Miserable Story of The Congo - YouTube  (13.07 minutes)

·      Why is Burundi the poorest country in the world - YouTube (13.34 minutes)

·      From an African refugee camp to the US | DW Documentary - YouTube highly recommend!! (approx 45 minutes)

·       Left Behind, Sudan's Lost Children Hundreds of refugees are still waiting to be resettled, 30 years after fleeing conflict and persecution. (8:32 minutes)

Left Behind: Sudan's Lost Children | NowThis World - YouTube